The Evolution of Computing: The Internet Datacenter

The boom of datacenters and datacenter hosting came during the dot-com era. Countless businesses needed nonstop operation and fast Internet connectivity to deploy systems and establish a presence on the Web. Installing data center hosting equipment was not a viable option for smaller companies. As the dot com bubble grew, companies began to understand the importance of having an Internet presence. Establishing this presence required that companies have fast and reliable Internet connectivity. They also had to have the capability to operate 24 hours a day in order to deploy new systems.

   Data Center  

Soon, these new requirements resulted in the construction of extremely large data facilities, responsible for the operation of computer systems within a company and the deployment of new systems. However, not all companies could afford to operate a huge datacenter. The physical space, equipment requirements, and highly-trained staff made these large datacenters extremely expensive and sometimes impractical. In order to respond to this demand, many companies began building large facilities, called Internet Datacenters, which provided businesses of all sizes with a wide range of solutions for operations and system deployment.

New technologies and practices were designed and implemented to handle the operation requirements and scale of such large-scale operations. These large datacenters revolutionized technologies and operating practices within the industry. Private datacenters were born out of this need for an affordable Internet datacenter solution. Today's private datacenters allow small businesses to have access to the benefits of the large Internet data centers without the expense of upkeep and the sacrifice of valuable physical space.
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